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”Points of view” by Tony Cragg

A lighting studie and a design proposal of different ways to lit up Tony Cragg’s art piece has been done. To be able to do a mock up and a test lighting I used a small scale prototype of the 12,5 meter high art pieces. The art piece has a lot of different shapes and angels so to find the right placement of the luminaries is a important part of this mock up.

To have control over the light and see exactly which luminaire lit up what, coloured light was used (only under testing). By using this technique, it’s easy to see how many luminaire is needed to lighten up the art and how and where the light hit the surface. It also makes it easier to see which luminaire creates “hot spots” that can provide glare.



Lighting Designer Tina Wikström & Johan Moritz | Client City of Malmö | Where Malmö, Sweden | When 2016 | Type Permanent