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Semester project – The forest

The project has been conducted in a semester project, as a part of a master’s degree in Lighting Design at Aalborg University, 2017.

The purpose of this project was to design an optimised lighting design solution for the humanities students lab, that supports the students’ current and future needs and use of digital tools. Currently the studio in general lacks sufficient artificial lighting and distribution of daylight. Furthermore the room appeared unorganised and had a visible hierarchy of workplaces among users. Therefore overall vision for this project was:

“Imagine if every area in the room was an attractive study place for humanities students” 

Throughout research, tests and concept development, it was found that using layers of light found in a forest was a suitable concept metaphor. It was further translated into design of different light zones, each supporting different study activities (individual study, group work and relaxation). Zoning was made with consideration of existing architectural layout, behavioural patterns of users and connection of sound and light. Choice of lighting characteristics strongly based on the research, however some of the parameters still had to be tested. Beside lighting, design introduces lamella walls that work as space dividers and lighting objects.



Lighting designer: Nikodem Derengowski, Sara Løvengreen, Kasper Støttup & Tina Wikström Where Copenhagen, Denmark | When 2017