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TAVA (Tartu valgus) is an international and interdisciplinary festival of lights with light art and outdoor installations. The festival consists of international workshops, outdoor installations, a conference, a light fair and indoor art exhibitions. The event is site specific – light art and installations of architectural lighting will be created with regard to Tartu and are built on site.

I had the honor to work with Johan Moritz and led a group of eight people of different nationalities and backgrounds. Together we taught, guided, and supported the participants to create a light installation in Tartu dome church. After a week of work, we had as a team come up with a concept, completed test lighting, documented, and installed the lighting installation in the beautiful ruins. The goal of the concept was to materialize light in different ways and create experiences for the visitor.

At the conference, I did a peacha kucha presentation entitled “next generation lighting designer” where I talked about how I work to become a good lighting designer, from education to practice and exercises on my own initiative.

This workshop also served as the test lighting for future permanent lighting installation and was nominated at Dark Awards 2017.



Workshop head Tina Wikström & Johan Moritz | Where Tartu, Estonia | When 2016 | Type Temporary